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Metavariscite from Lucin District, Pilot Range, Box Elder Co., Utah
FOV: 1.13 mm
Kinoite with Apophyllite from Christmas Mine, Banner District, Gila Co., AZ
FOV: 1.25 mm
Libethenite in Chrysocolla from Old Reliable Mine, Bunker Hill Dist., Pinal Co., AZ
FOV: 2.01 mm
Turquoise, Chlorargyrite, Alunite group phosphates from Silver Coin Mine, Iron Point Dist., Humboldt Co., NV
FOV: 1.37 mm
Native Copper from Ray Mine, Mineral Creek Dist., Pinal Co., AZ
FOV: 1.34 mm
Wulfenite from Rowley Mine, Painted Rock District, Maricopa Co., AZ
FOV: 1.66 mm
Caledonite from Comet Mine, Elkhorn District, Beaverhead Co., MT
FOV: 1.09 mm
Clinoclase from Tin Stope, Majuba Hill Mine, Antelope Dist., Pershing Co., NV
FOV: 1.78 mm


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